‘Heil Jane Corwin’: Congressional Candidate the Focus of Ruthless Spoof Site

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A screenshot from the parody site janecorwin.org

As one of NewsFeed’s colleagues pointed out, this is what happens when candidates only buy the .com, not the .org.

Click “Meet Jane Corwin” on janecorwin.com, and you’ll learn that the Republican NY State Assemblywoman “is running for Congress because our nation is in crisis.” On janecorwin.org, which mirrors the official site’s design, click “Heil Jane Corwin!” and read she “is running for Congress because she has a s___load of money.”

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Just like the official website, the parody version includes a pop-up box when you first visit the homepage. But while one proclaims, “Together we can build a bright future that is lit with prosperity and opportunity” and asks you to leave your email, ZIP code and cell phone number. The other declares, “Together we can make delicious soup from the bones of the poor.” Oh, and leave your blood type, blood taste, and Social Security number.

On .com, you “volunteer, contact, and contribute;” on.org, you “surrender, grovel, and pay up.” On .com, “719 people like Jane Corwin;” on .org, “620 authoritarian fascists” do.

The official site is, predictably, “PAID FOR AND AUTHORIZED BY: JANE CORWIN FOR CONGRESS;” the parody has the catchier “PAID FOR AND AUTHORIZED BY: CORPORATE GREED.” And while .com is “powered by NetBoots,” .org is “powered by SmallAsianChildren.”

CBS News’ Political Hotsheet interviewed one of the men behind the fake site, Ian Murphy, who said, “We thought Jean deserved a more honest website.” Murphy, by the way, is running for the same seat as Corwin.

The special election will be held May 24. In the meantime, click here for “A proven job creator. A real reformer. The leader we need.” And here for “A proven millionaire. A real homophobe. The ruler we fear.”

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