Watch: Paul the Psychic Octopus Gets His Very Own Movie

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An upcoming biopic will tell the story of the clairvoyant cephalopod that gained instant celebrity status by calling outcomes of World Cup soccer matches last summer. Paul, the now-deceased octopus from a Sea Life Centre in Germany, accurately picked the winner of all seven games his country of residence played and predicted Spain as the overall victor of the 2010 World Cup. He did so by choosing between one of two boxes of food, each marked with a team’s flag. Fans went wild as tales of Paul’s skill went viral.

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It was, quite literally, a made-for-the-movies phenomenon. The upcoming documentary’s website says the film will explore “celebrity mania at its most outrageous, the science of probabilities and the possibility of higher powers.” The flick’s Facebook page indicates it will be released this fall.

Disclaimer: NewsFeed assumes no responsibility if you have the Paul the Octopus song stuck in your head after reading this post.

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