A Moment To Remember Forever: Adorable Kids Share First Kiss

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But we thought boys were icky and girls have cooties? 

Elliott and Bowie give a whole new meaning to young love. In fact, they rekindle it for the rest of us. The two kids, reportedly next-door neighbors, are simply adorable as they chat about kissing after a quick smooch, much to the chagrin of their parents.

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Elliott’s shirt draws from a classic Beatles song: “All You Need Is Love,” it reads, perhaps wise beyond his years in knowing what he’s about to experience. And check out his grin and hearty cheer after Bowie kisses him – this kid is on his way to becoming a lady’s man. Even Justin Bieber is rooting for the youngster. The Biebs tweeted in reference to the video: “This kid has game. Lol”

Whether it’s just kids being kids or (as NewsFeed would love to believe) budding romance, we must say the two make a super-cute couple. All overprotective parents aside.

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