Summing Up Love: World’s Oldest Newlyweds Total 190 Years

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YouTube - The Daily

This couple proves you’re never too old to find true love – or to become an Internet sensation.

Even President Obama sent Rose Pollard and Forrest Lunsway a congratulatory card. The two married in March after dating for nearly 30 years. The couple counts 190 years between them – Rose is 90 and Forrest is 100 years old.

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The wedding date holds double significance for Forrest, as it was also his 100th birthday. In fact, that was part of the deal: both were widows and didn’t wish to remarry when they met on a blind date in 1983. But one day, the question came up – and Forrest proposed on the spot. Rose’s response: “I told him, ‘I’ll marry you on your 100th birthday.’ And I did.”

And the newlyweds from Orange County, Calif. are living like people half their age, reportedly having hiked the coast of California, kayaked in Alaska, and gone ballroom dancing a couple of times a week, according to MSNBC.

The previous record-holders, a British couple, tallied up 183 years on their wedding day. Guinness is in the process of verifying the world record to list the couple as the oldest newlyweds – though we imagine the competition will be quite slim.

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