Hasidic Jewish Newspaper Photoshops Hillary Clinton from Situation Room Photo

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Failed Messiah / Critical Minyan

There’s a lot of odd Photoshopping going on with the now-iconic photo of U.S. officials being updated on the bin Laden raid. But this one by Di Tzeitung, the ultra Orthodox Hasidic Jewish newspaper, might just take the prize.

Yep, those are big dark smudges where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Counterterrorism Director Audrey Tomason should be. The officials were wiped from the picture in line with the newspaper’s editorial policy of never publishing pictures of women, because they could be considered sexually suggestive.

(More on TIME.com: See home videos of Osama bin Laden)

The paper could potentially get in trouble, because the official photo was made available for reprinting under the condition that “the photograph may not be manipulated in any way.” Here’s the original, for those who have been living under a rock for the past week.

[Pete Souza/White House]

(via Jezebel, Jewish Week and Failed Messiah)