Michael Bolton Hijacks The Lonely Island’s Song on ‘SNL’

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YouTube - The Lonely Island

Singer Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton’s SNL entrance proved quite a treat for all the mothers out there. But his subject matter didn’t quite work for the Lonely Island hip-hop crew.

The soft rock crooner was psyched to team up with the satiric songsters, though his Pirates of the Caribbean marathon earlier that day may have proven too big of an influence. He enters the recording studio, proclaiming that he wrote a “big sexy hook” for their song. Then again, that should have been all the hint we needed. Hook — as in the pirate version. Exactly.

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The Lonely Island boys were set to deliver their latest hip-hop club track, but Bolton couldn’t manage to stay on-message. At first, Bolton’s got the swagger needed to keep up in the nightclub, but his Pirates obsession quickly takes over — as he belts out a ballad of Captain Jack Sparrow. This is a love song, Bolton-style. But this time, it’s about the Pirate Lord of the Seven Seas.

When The Lonely Island crew starts to question his lyrics, Bolton is unable to suppress his love for movies. The “major cinephile,” as Andy Samberg describes him, abandons Captain Jack for a rendition of Forrest Gump, Erin Brockovich, and, in great detail, Scarface’s Tony Montana, crooning about their achievements and importance. He actually gives a pretty stunning portrayal of all characters involved, particularly Brockovich!

Expectedly, none of these movie interjections flies well with the other artists. But truly, can Michael Bolton really do any wrong — especially on Mother’s Day?

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