California College Adds Secularism as a Major

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Religious studies? So old. Secular studies? Brand spanking new!

Pitzer College, a liberal arts school in southern California, has added secularism as a possible major for its students and is the first college to do so. Among the courses offered there will be “God, Darwin and Design in America,” “Anxiety in the Age of Reason” and “Bible as Literature.”

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The secular studies department was suggest by religion sociologist Phil Zuckerman, who told the New York Times that the program wouldn’t be about “arguing ‘Is there a God or not?’” Rather, he said the program would focus on the “hundreds of millions of people who are nonreligious. I want to know who they are, what they believe, why they are nonreligious.”

While the whole program does sound interesting, NewsFeed is slightly concerned about the future job prospects for a secular studies graduate. (via New York Times)

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