Inevitable: ‘What’s Osama bin Watchin’ Lets You Program bin Laden’s TV

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We hear that Osama bin Laden loves “Party in the USA” — or at least the Internet thinks he does.

As we previously noted, the death of bin Laden has sparked some remarkable Internet memes — from the Royal Wedding’s frowning flower girl appearing in the Situation Room to President Obama’s #swag strut after his televised speech and the return of Will Ferrell’s priceless President Bush impression.

So when the Department of Defense released confiscated “home movies” of bin Laden vainly watching himself on television, it was only a matter of time before the Internet would take over and develop this gem: “What’s Osama Bin Watching?”

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Created by Tom Scott, the site is a simple sort of brillance: A screen-grab of bin Laden, remote in hand, gazing at the television as it plays back some of YouTube’s finest. As with all wonders of the web, the best part of this creation is its user-generation. While Scott provides a few logical choices — Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” and a clip of the Teletubbies — you have the option to input your own video selections for the al-Qaeda leader to enjoy.

Of course, if you’re stumped, NewsFeed can provide you with some suggestions. Obviously vanity would drive bin Laden to watch President Obama’s speech announcing his death. We also like “America” by Neil Diamond, kitties playing patty cake, and, of course, “Friday” by Rebecca Black. But feel free to submit your own recommendations, and let Internet meme freedom reign.

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