Animated Google Doodle Celebrates Dancer Martha Graham’s 117th Birthday

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Google Doodle via Google

You’ve done it again, Google.

We’ve started to become accustomed to seeing new (and sometimes unusual) Google Doodles honoring illustrious people or events, but we gotta say this Doodle is our pick for the most gorgeous so far.

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Honoring the 117th birthday of American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham, the Doodle opens with a solitary figure on the right. However the figure quickly morphs into another dancer and then another across the page, each one dancing, kicking and twirling its way into forming a letter of the Google logo.

While this isn’t the first time Google has used animation for their Doodles, we’re so pleased that when it came to celebrating Graham’s birthday (not to mention her revolutionary dancing and choreography) the search behemoth choose to add some movement.

Happy birthday from Google and NewsFeed, Martha Graham.

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