Hey Lady Gaga, Can You Please Go Back to Being Awesome?

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We’d really appreciate it.

Lady Gaga’s latest single from her upcoming album Born This Way is out, and we can’t help feeling disappointed (again). “Edge of Glory” continues the ’80s-ish sound that we should be used to by now, considering the album’s first two song releases “Born This Way” and “Judas.” (Man, how is this album not even out yet?) And it’s not like the songs are particularly bad. They’re just not particularly good, either.

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Here’s the audio for “Edge of Glory”:


Saxophoney! But, also, boring.

Which is killing us because, to be totally honest, we love Gaga so much. Remember “Bad Romance?” “Paparazzi?” Or the still amazing “Just Dance?” Of course you do, because they were awesome. Those were the songs that made Gaga a star and we love her for them. We want some more of that!

You could make the argument that Gaga is expanding her horizons, experimenting and doing new things. Which would be a sound point, if only her new stuff didn’t sound as if it was from Madonna’s lost album from the late 80s. Yes, the videos are still wild and weird, but the music is trite, uninspiring and bland.

Honestly, if these were the tracks that Gaga had debuted with, we seriously doubt she’d be the pop force she is today.

Perhaps she’s simply been putting too much energy into other projects like her collaboration with Zynga to make Gagaville. That’s actually happening. We fear we may have lost our Gaga for good.

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