The Triple Double Oreo: Gluttony Has Never Tasted So Sweet

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via @4Slyce / Twitter

Yes, this is for real. Though we hope the new cookies will still fit in our glass of milk.

It’s like that triple-decker sandwich masterpiece you created as a kid. Even if you say you’re grossed out by it, you’ll probably try it.

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After the news first leaked on Reddit, Nabisco confirmed that they are indeed adding another layer onto the Oreo, starting this summer. The new-and-improved cookie will be a mashup of the company’s two beloved flavors, classic vanilla and chocolate creme. All together, it’s got three chocolate cookies and two layers of cream. If Shaggy Doo made a cookie, this would be it.

However, NewsFeed notes the huge number of failed Oreo iterations. Banana Split Oreos anyone? Remember Strawberry Milkshake Oreos? NewsFeed hopes the buzz be enough to keep Triple Double Oreos on the shelves for more than a New York minute.

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