Security Screening Gone Wild? TSA Pats Down a Baby

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Jacob Jester

A Missouri pastor snaps a picture of a baby being frisked by the TSA — yes, a baby.

It was bad enough when the TSA made a 6-year-old girl cry after they patted her down at the New Orleans airport, video of which surfaced in April. This week, Kansas City pastor Jacob Jester tweeted a photo of a baby, about eight months old (according to the Kansas City Star), being held up by his mother to undergo a TSA pat down at Kansas City International. While the agents — and the mom — appear to be in good spirits in the photo, Jester’s picture has caused renewed outrage in the ongoing debate about the limits of airport screening.

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Jester says that the baby’s stroller had triggered an alarm, which may have precipitated the extra screening. Although the TSA has not officially commented on this incident, it has suggested in the past that it cannot use a one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to security screening for fear that terrorists might begin using children as part of their plots.

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