Reading While Eating for May 13: Friday The 13th Edition

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Getty Images / Mike Kemp

Though today’s links celebrate the superstition, we promise they won’t bring you bad luck. (Knock on wood.)

Friggatriskaidekaphobia: That’s just a fancy word for Friday the 13th. Take a look at the five strangest fears you never knew existed. (Washington Post)

We’re Scared Because: See a brief history of Friday the 13th. (TIME)

We Hope They Aren’t Black Cats: When it comes to this Craigslist listing, sublet at your own risk. (The Daily What)

Diamond in the Rough: There’s still hope! Check out the top 5 good things that happened on Friday the 13th. (Yahoo)

Rough Luck: See 13 signs of bad luck — and try to spare yourself. (LIFE)

Viral Video: Dated, but relevant nonetheless. The Office’s take on superstition: