Yes, Seriously: Poll Asks Women How Old is Too Old to Wear Certain Clothing

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Leave it to a diet company to conduct a poll that has no point other than to make women feel worse about themselves. (via Daily Mail)

Diet Chef, a UK diet food home delivery company, surveyed 2,000 women about the age at which it becomes inappropriate for females to wear certain items of clothing. Results showed that women feel it’s a “no-no” for anyone 35 or older to wear miniskirts, and those over 51 should avoid high heels. If a woman is “slim, healthy and attractive,” however, half of respondents say she can “get away with anything.” So, yay for Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Bitches.

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Wonder what the women surveyed thought about other items? See the whole list here:

The Age Women Believe Other Women Should Stop Wearing Certain Fashions:
Bikini, 47
Miniskirt, 35
Boob Tube, 33
Stilettos, 51
Belly button piercing, 35
Knee high boots, 47
Trainers, 44
Leather trousers, 34
Leggings, 45
Ugg boots, 45
Swimsuit, 61
Tight vest, 44
See-through chiffon blouse, 40
Long hair, 53
Ponytail, 51

Cattiness among women is a tale as old as time. But come on, Daily Mail, surely there’s more to do than perpetuate this connotation.

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