Caught on Tape: Navy SEAL Helmet Cameras Recorded bin Laden Raid

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CBS News Video

A rendering of the Navy SEALs' helmet cameras.

Who needs photos when there’s video evidence?

CBS News says the entire 40-minute raid was captured by cameras mounted on the SEALs’ headwear. And playing back the videos could help put to rest the rampant speculation about what went on when the 25 members of SEAL Team 6 stormed the Abbottabad compound. In fact, officials have started to piece together a more complete picture of what happened.

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Here’s how it went down, according to the CBS report. The only firefight occurred in bin Laden’s guesthouse, where a courier opened fire but was promptly shot dead by the American troops.

In searching for bin Laden, they found him on the third floor, where he quickly holed up in his bedroom. One Navy SEAL rescued bin Laden’s young daughters before going after the terrorist mastermind. When a second SEAL stormed the room, bin Laden’s wife rushed toward the group, possibly pushed by Osama himself. The SEAL pushed her aside and shot bin Laden in the chest, and a third shot him in the head.

This could explain the intent stares in the Situation Room that Sunday night.

Though if the drama over releasing the photographs of bin Laden is any indication, we shouldn’t expect to see this video spread to the public, well, ever.

VIDEO: See bin Laden watching himself on TV