Look Ma, No Hands: Watch As Italian Bus Driver Uses Two Phones Behind the Wheel

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That takes skill, even when you’re not steering a 20,000-pound vehicle.

This Italian bus driver is in control of a bus from Rome’s Ciampino Airport to the city’s suburbs. But we’d certainly use the word “control” lightly. He’s more focused on, according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, trying to set up his e-mail on one phone while talking on the other. Secondary in his mind, evidently, is steering the bus, which obviously has passengers on it – at least one, who was recording. So, he relegates the less-important steering task to his elbows. It’s some evident talent – unfortunately, not the right one to be behind the wheel of a bus.

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In most places, it’s illegal to both text-and-drive as well as talk-and-drive – and this driver is engaged in both at the same time. NewsFeed fears he may have practiced this before.

The New York Times notes that using even one cell phone while driving is illegal in Italy. Fortunately, the driver has been suspended while the bus company investigates his actions. But it took La Repubblica’s publication of the shocking video to call attention to the incident. This bus driver brings a whole new meaning to “hands-free.”

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