The Price Tag on the World’s Most Expensive Bowl of Soup? $5,000

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Your average bowl of the stuff.

Your average bowl of Vietnamese phở should by no means break the bank. So what sets this one apart? 

Normally, one can expect to pay $10 at most for the mouth-watering broth-filled soup, laden with all the goodies like beef, noodles and cilantro. But from California comes a serving of the traditional staple that is simply exceptional – or so you would expect it to be. Why? It costs a minimum of $5,000 per bowl. (No, that’s not the soup pictured above. It would be in a bowl made of diamonds if that were the case.)

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It seems utterly absurd to pay that much for a bowl of soup – let alone any meal. But it might soften the blow to know that the funds are going toward charity.

Tiato, a Vietnamese restaurant in Santa Monica, is holding an invitation-only dinner and auction where the dish will make its debut. The bidding starts at $5,000 for the single bowl of AnQi Phở, and the ingredients are sure to not disappoint. The soup is made with A5 Wagyu beef, white alba truffles, a foie gras broth, hand-raised bean sprouts and “noodles” from a rare blue lobster meat. The proceeds will go to the Children’s Hospitals of Los Angeles and Orange County as well as the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

Not invited? That’s okay! If you have an inkling to shell out money for basically a year’s worth of food on one meal, then you can get the dish on the restaurant’s permanent menu. Don’t get your hopes up for a discount, though. It’ll still be the same price, and proceeds will benefit the hospital.

Certainly this supposed culinary masterpiece takes the cake as the most expensive bowl of soup. But keep this in mind: just because it’s fancy doesn’t mean it’s always the best. And NewsFeed can tell you, nothing will ever compare to mom’s homemade recipe. (via LA Weekly)

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