Well Done, Houston: The Top 10 U.S. Cities for Burgers

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How does your town rank on their list of America’s ultimate comfort food?

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Burgers are an emotional business for Americans. One California native when burger chain In-N-Out opened its first Texas branch last week, and on Travel + Leisure‘s website, readers continue to duke it out over the results out from the magazine’s annual America’s Favorite Cities survey. So, without further ado, here’s who made the top 10:

1. Houston
2. Salt Lake City
3. Providence
4. Denver
5. Austin
6. Chicago
7. Nashville
8. Minneapolis/St. Paul
9. New York City
10. Savannah

Distinction is what readers seem to be searching for, with the top cities each possessing characteristic burgers. Minneapolis/St. Paul has the Juicy Lucy, patties oozing from its cheesy center, Texas goes big (as usual) with its patties, shredded lettuce and mustard, Salt Lake City has its pastrami burgers, while Nashville tops their meat with a Jack Daniels ketchup. New York ups the game with its sirloin patties filled with braised short ribs and black truffles.

Despite the variety, there’s definitely consensus among readers on what makes a burger great – simplicity. As George Motz told Travel and Leisure: Too many seasonings and other things in a patty and it’s something else — meatloaf.

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