Can Growing a Beard Help You Go Green?

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James Knowler/Getty Images

Budweiser doesn't demand guys style their beards in any specific way. If you rock this beard, well, good for you.

This is one way to enjoy responsibly: Budweiser is encouraging men across America to grow a beard and save a million gallons of water.

Last year the brewery says 1,200 employees skipped shaving for one week prior to World Environment Day, saving about 42,000 gallons of water. They say the average shave uses 3-10 gallons of water, and this year they want more American men to join in to save millions of gallons of water. People 21 and older can go to Budweiser’s Facebook page to make a pledge and share the program with friends. (Note: The page has to be “liked” first before you can pledge.)

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It’s a novel idea from the Budweiser team. For those of you rolling your eyes at this, NewsFeed did the same, but there’s something to conserving water. Here’s what the UN has to say on the issue.

And for those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s a series of clips on water scarcity from Blue Gold, a documentary on water.


See what else you can do in this oldie but goodie on water conservation from the folks at GOOD magazine.


And yes, you know you’ve been looking for that excuse not the shave. So go on, tell your boss, tell your mother and your girlfriend, you’re not shaving until World Environment Day. Send them this article if they don’t believe you.

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