Transit Nightmare: Woman Talks on Cell for 16 Hours in Quiet Car, Gets Booted

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NewsFeed would rather jump off a cliff than hear a stranger yap incessantly for hours.

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Lakeysha Beard was unceremoniously (or is that ceremoniously?) booted from an Amtrak train after yapping on her phone for 16 hours. Even worse, she chose to do it on one of Amtrak’s designated “quiet cars.” Cell phone batteries can last that long?

The train, which left Oakland, California, made its way to Salem, Oregon 16 hours later before a passenger confronted Beard. Beard got “aggressive” – when is that ever a good idea, really? – and that’s when police were asked to remove her from the train. She’s been charged with disorderly conduct.

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Amtrak’s quiet cars were created a group of passengers who found the incessant yapping by cell phones unbearable, and rightfully so. Signs are displayed prominently encouraging passengers to be quiet and respectful, maintaining a state of zen.

But if Beard had the stamina to go on and on and on, NewsFeed doesn’t even want to think about what would happen if she had lost cell reception.