China’s McDonald’s Will Give You a Discount, Just for Being Male

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Nelson Ching / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Customers eat at a McDonald's restaurant in Beijing, China, on Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010.

Tired of paying a cover charge and not getting a break? Chinese McDonald’s restaurants are taking pity and introducing a “man-only discount” for those with the Y chromosome.

To commemorate the introduction of 100% pure beef in their burgers, China’s golden arches is offering a 50% discount on second burgers for men only. The deal is only available on Wednesdays.

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McDonald’s China general manager, according to Shanghaiist, says that the promotion is a reaction to the special treatment that women and children can sometimes receive. We’re sure it’s not also because the general manager is a dude.

Regardless, males outnumber females by more than 30 million in the Communist country. Sadly, as a side effect of China’s one-child policy and a societal preference for males, the gender ratio discrepancy is growing. Well, at least the discount includes the majority of the population.

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