Finger-Lickin’ Gross: KFC China Douses Fried Chicken in Irish Cream

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As part of its “Taste of Ireland” promotion, KFC China has decided to hit the bottle. The result looks rather revolting.

In the commercial above, whiskey collides with cream before the camera pans out to show a Chinese chef pouring what appears to be Bailey’s Irish Cream into a pot of chicken. When a westerner takes in the aroma of the alcohol-infused fowl, he begins a mental journey through the Emerald Isle that includes Celtic musical accompaniment.

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Writing on, commenter “Leon” wrote off the 9-yuan ($1.40) dish. “I found it expensive and not tasty at all,” he said. “The taste was a strange combination of spicy chicken and sweetness, but not in a sweet chilli sauce way…I wouldn’t recommend it.” Commenter “Chickipeckpeck” suggested that the promotion lacks authenticity: “Really they should have used Guinness – now THATS a taste of Ireland!!!” Cheers to that. (via Consumerist)