Reading While Eating for May 20: Rapture Eve

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Getty Images / The Washington Post

Sheila Jones, from Sacramento, California said that she was at first skeptical about the 'End of Days' prediction but that she could not disprove it Biblically, so she joined the Family Radio crusade to tell the world of the coming end times

Read these links before the world ends.

A Logical Approach: Use this flow chart to see if you’ll be raptured tomorrow. (The Daily What)

Past Precedent: See pictures of other judgment days. (LIFE)

After-Party: Check out some events atheists have planned to “celebrate” the rapture. (BBC News)

Repeat Offender: Harold Camping has predicted the rapture before. But this time he’s serious. (TIME)

Bucket List: See things that people want to do before the world ends. (TIME)

Looney Tunes: Listen to these songs to get in the rapture spirit. (Death and Taxes)

Viral Video: Take a look at Jon Stewart’s response to the apocalypse. (Daily Show)

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