Straight Out of the Movies: World’s Greatest Marriage Proposal

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Good thing she wasn’t out getting popcorn while the movie trailers played.

Trailers – we love to hate them. Just get to our regularly scheduled programming, okay? But it’s pretty impossible to hate this one.

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One Georgia couple will always hold a special affinity for the movie pre-roll – because that time drain held the key to their highly elaborate, but totally romantic, marriage proposal. Matt Still, from Locust Grove, Ga., couldn’t just settle for a spontaneous bending of the knee and popping of the question when it came to his girlfriend Ginny. Instead, he decided to “make the movies jealous,” by presenting his proposal in visual form.

Working with a professional videographer, he crafted his own Hollywood-like story, which included the classy tradition (because they’re in the South, after all) of asking Ginny’s father for her hand in marriage and then racing to the theater to propose – with the oh-so-expected ending that Matt appears at the theater in the flesh.

The clincher was the tiny reaction camera that Matt covertly set up in the seat in front of Ginny to capture her reaction. We can see exactly when she figures out the plot of the movie – and that she’s part of it. In fact, she appears to catch on quite early: can she recognize her father and now-fiancé from just their arms?

Truly this proposal is the stuff of movies. Matt got the script exactly right. It’s a comedy, it’s a drama, but most fortunately, it’s a happy ending.

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