Apocalypse Not Yet: The 9 Best Tweets About the Judgment Day That Never Happened

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Sure, we don’t yet know if the U.S. has bypassed any rapture threats. But by all accounts, much of the eastern hemisphere has ticked over to May 22nd unscathed. And the jokes and sarcasm have continued to flow through the Twittersphere. BBC radio host Evan Davis was tuned in to the happenings near the International Date Line, hoping to hear word of the earthquake. Perhaps it was just running behind schedule?

Bull, an Australian based in Melbourne, can certainly be excused for worrying about Judgment Day. After all, he’d be one of the first to experience it.  But since his part of the world was evidently spared, he decided to speculate why, while still holding out a possible belief that the rest of the world would be raptured.

Tameka’s funny tweet certainly could have raised a few eyebrows at first, but upon closer reading, that 0.0 magnitude quake would have hardly moved a pebble. We wish news outlets would have had the gusto to tweet out a message like this!

Chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain was indeed in Sydney for the supposed Judgment Day, and while his part of the world went through the rapture before his NYC home base, he decided to mess a bit with our American and European minds — while still managing to make us jealous that we <i>weren’t</i> part of the nation’s celebration.

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