Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg Join Lady Gaga for ‘Threeway’ on SNL Finale

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The faux-R&B duo raided a tacky 90s closet once again in reprising their classic roles. Add in a bit of Lady Gaga and the result was hilarious – as usual.

With both Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga on last night’s Saturday Night Live roster, it was clear before 11:29 p.m. that the show wouldn’t disappoint.  And in the evening’s SNL Digital Short, Samberg and Timberlake brought back their “Mother Lover” and “D—k in a Box” roles to make a veritable trifecta of digital shorts.

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While this video should probably been kept out of children’s hands, it did touch on a lesson we all learned at the tender age of six: the Golden Rule. The two sartorially tacky singers brought a rather adult perspective to the sharing concept – instead of fighting over the same girl, they decide to settle it, um, together. After all, they are best friends – ones with ambiguously gay undertones. They can work it out, right? Absolutely. “With a honey in the middle, there’s some leeway,” they conclude.

Lady Gaga’s natural acting talent brought the video (and really, the episode as a whole) to a season-ending high. And the digital short’s star-studded cast – including cameos by the two “Mother Lover” moms Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson puts “Threeway” on track to become a well-loved part of the Samberg/Timberlake series. Though we certainly hope the magic doesn’t stop at three.

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