Meet Cooper, The Cat Who’s the Star of Seattle’s Photography Scene

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"The local lady cats rather dig a bad boy with a camera.”

This 5-year-old globally renowned artiste is adding to the Seattle art scene in just the purr-fect way — giving a cat’s-eyed-view of the world.“Listen, I’m kinda busy. There’s some suspicious rustling in the ivy that requires my attention, so I’ll keep this short. My name is Cooper and my humans thought it would be fun to send me out once a week with a small digital camera on my collar to find out what I’m up to. So now I’m not only the neighborhood patrol, it seems I’m a documentary photographer, too.” So says Cooper the photographer cat, on his Facebook profile.

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With a camera strapped around his neck, Cooper roams the streets of Seattle. Every two minutes the camera takes a shot and reveals the previously unknown life of this feline artist. Sinister looking alley cats make repeat appearances in the saturated and sunny snaps captured by the kitty-cam. In one moment we see him sneaking under the bushes spying on the garden gnomes, another taking a cheeky peek up a lady’s skirt, and yet another taunting a dog trapped behind the glass screen of someone’s porch. Other shots show ominous clouds and tall grasses, and beautifully lit foliage.

Intrigued? See Cooper in action on Australia’s Today Show, above. He even has his own website and a book.

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