Want a Federal Government-Approved Baby Name? There’s an App for That

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If you need baby-naming help, shove aside those endless books and websites. Now you can get your options served up by a faceless government organization.

The Social Security Administration wants to help name your little Junior. Testing the waters of the app building world, the SSA – the government bureau that’s responsible for Social Security and disability filings – has released “Baby Name Playroom.” However, it’s not an entirely unprecedented domain for the SSA. In fact, they’re responsible for releasing the annual list of most popular U.S. baby names, since they hold a record of every child born in America.

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The “Baby Name Playroom” app for your iPhone reaches into the depths of the most popular baby names from the past 130 years to suggest potential names for your little one. So if you wanted to keep up with the latest trends (and keep up with the Twilight fans of the world) you could use the app to learn that 2010’s most popular names were Jacob and Isabella.

The app, in an unexpected anti-capitalist move, is available for free on the iPhone. It reportedly offers an easy portal to SSA details, including how to file for disability benefits and how to get a social security number for your yet-to-be-named child.

Our favorite feature is the quite intriguing “Surprise Me” button on the app if you’re truly in a bind for baby names. Wonder if they’re Team Edward or Team Jacob.

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