Weekend Wrap-Up: 5 Things To Pay Attention To This Week

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STR / AFP / Getty Images

A cloud of smoke and ash is seen over the Grimsvotn volcano on Iceland on May 21, 2011.

While you were preparing for the end of the world, here’s the news that mattered this weekend.

Iceland Spouts Off

The tiny nation again causes widespread worry as another volcano erupts — this time, it’s Grimsvotn, the country’s biggest and most active volcano. Will the high-rising ash snarl air travel for a second year in a row? All signs point to no, thanks to less intense winds and heavier ash that will fall quicker.

Apocalypse Not So Much

Saturday was the much buzzed-about Judgment Day. Didn’t get raptured? Neither did we. What will Harold Camping and his eccentric Family Radio followers have to say? We’re looking forward to the next doomsday prediction.

Ambassadors Airlifted from Yemen

Mohammed Huwais / AFP / Getty Images

Saleh continued his hemming and hawing over signing a resignation deal as U.S., U.K. and EU envoys found themselves amid a Hollywood-esque helicopter rescue from an embassy after gunmen trapped them in the building. Can we finally strike a deal to get the autocrat to step down?

TPaw In, Daniels Out

No surprise here: former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty makes his 2012 presidential bid official. But Sunday, Indiana governor Mitch Daniels, who was considered a front-runner for the GOP nod if he ran, announced the opposite. The stakes are getting higher for Obama’s challenger. Who will join the race?

Malaysian Mudslide

AFP / AFP / Getty Images

A landslide buries an orphanage, killing 15 young boys and one staff member. Heavy rains led to the horrific incident and hampered rescue efforts. The mudslide is blamed on recent tree removal in the area. Will the government put the brakes on development to stop the slides?