Proving What You’ve Long Suspected, Numbers Show That (Almost) No One Rollerblades Anymore

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Remember these?

Ah, the good old days of Rollerblading. We all remember them. But, in case you weren’t already aware, those days are over.

For a time in the late ’90s, it seemed that you couldn’t walk down the street without tripping over some doofus inline skating on the sidewalks. And, according to the Oregonian, in the year 2000, some 22 million people were Rollerblading at least once a year, based on figures from the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association.

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Maybe it was because it’s nearly impossible to stop in them or maybe it was because it’s completely impossible to look cool in them, Rollerblades quickly fell from their exercise pedestal as people abandoned the inline skate.

Fast forward to last year, and the number of Rollerbladers had dropped a dramatic 64%. Then again, that still means eight million people are out there Rollerblading in secret. NewsFeed isn’t quite sure where these sneaky Rollerbladers are doing all this inline skating, but as long as we aren’t tripping over them, we won’t judge. Too harshly anyway. (via Oregonian)

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