Reading While Eating for May 24: Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan!

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Getty Images / Douglas R. Gilbert/Redferns

“May your heart always be joyful, may your song always be sung and may you stay Forever Young.” Today’s links celebrate Dylan’s 70 years.

Tangled Up In Trivia: Are you a true Dylan fan? Take this 30 question quiz to find out. (Rolling Stone)

Busy Being Born: Read a tribute to Dylan that discusses what his music owes to his fans. (Slate)

I know I’ve Seen That Face Somewhere: See pictures from behind the scenes of Dylan’s first electric tour of Europe in 1966. (TIME)

Hey, Hey Woody Guthrie:  See pictures of people mentioned in Dylan’s songs. (LIFE)

I Had to Say Something to Strike Him Very Weird: The AV Club rounds up some of Dylan’s stranger moves. (AV Club)

How Does It Feel: You know Things Have Changed when Dylan graces the cover of AARP Magazine. (AARP)

Politician Got On His Jogging Shoes: Watch Rep. Joseph Crowley take a page out of Dylan’s book. (The Daily What)

Talkin’ New York Town: “I swung onto my old guitar/Grabbed hold of a subway car/And after a rocking, reeling, rolling ride/I landed up on the downtown side/Greenwich Village.” Watch a walking tour of Dylan’s former stomping grounds: (TIME)