At Last! Sandwich in a Can Now Available for Sale

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Mark One Foods

Apparently, a sandwich isn’t portable enough to begin with. Let’s take it apart it, throw the ingredients into a can to be reassembled, and then slap the title ‘Candwich’ on it! Now, doesn’t that just scream convenience?

Indeed, the sandwich in a can has finally made its way to the market – after supposedly being at the center of a real estate scam.

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NewsFeed wrote last July that a Utah money manager named Travis L. Wright had allegedly taken millions of dollars from his clients. Rather than putting the funds into high-yield real estate investments as he had promised, he put the money toward an even worthier cause: the Candwich.

Though it didn’t exist at the time, the product is now fully available for purchase (though only in grape PB&J flavor). You can order it online from the product’s maker, Mark One Foods, in a 4-pack for $12 or a 24-pack for $72 (shipping included).

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Inside you’ll find a hoagie roll, a packet of peanut butter, a packet of jelly, a plastic knife and a wet wipe. Just pop the top and you’re ready to assemble.

Yes, it’s just as easy as, well, um, making a normal sandwich. (via The Consumerist)