Weather Channel Reporter Tears Up After Joplin’s Deadly Tornado

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The Weather Channel’s Mike Bettes was on “The Great Tornado Hunt,” a show about storm chasers. The crew was exasperated chasing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But when a tornado hit Joplin on Sunday, Bettes couldn’t help but shed tears.

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The crew arrived 10 minutes after the tornado struck Joplin, and set up across the street that directly hit St John’s Regional Hospital. “It’s everything, it’s just completely demolished… all I can say is that it looks very reminiscent of what we saw last month….,” he said, before stopping and saying “Excuse me.”

As the camera kept rolling, showing a horrific scene of houses left in rubble, which has been described as a “battlefield,” Bettes felt so emotional he couldn’t speak.

The meteorologist had wanted to experience extreme natural beauty but instead, he witnessed raw devastation.

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