Reading While Eating for May 27: Because Alliteration Is Fun

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Getty Images / Ali Al-Saadi/AFP

Members of the Iraqi Sadr Movement's Mahdi Army march in Baghdad's predominantly Shiite suburb of Sadr City on May 26, 2011 during a parade demanding the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq

In honor of the almost-over Month of May, today’s links marvel at the many models of the letter M.

Music Maker: This man has a unique instrument: 1,000 pairs of jeans. (Gizmodo)

Mighty Metaphors: Learn about the metaphor program that spy researchers are building. (The Atlantic)

Movie Montage: See a series of clips from the Harry Potter movies. (The Daily What)

Many Minidresses: See pictures of Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe. (LIFE)

Marvelous Manhunts: See the top 10 manhunts. (TIME)

Music Movie: Watch the video Jay-Z posted of Beyonce practicing for American Idol performance. (Life and Times)

Metro Maniac: There’s something you don’t see everyday. Watch this man licking shoes on the New York subway. (VideoGum)