Reading While Eating for May 30: Memorial Day

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Ahmad Masood / Reuters

U.S. soldiers salute during Memorial Day ceremony in honor of fallen soldiers at the Camp Eggers, in Kabul May 30, 2011.

NewsFeed hopes you aren’t reading these at your office. Our Memorial Day links help you celebrate, enjoy and understand today’s holiday.

Sweet Treats: Conclude today’s festivities with 15 patriotic desserts. (Buzz Feed)

Remembering What? Learn why Memorial Day means more than cook-outs and cold drinks. (NYT)

Cheers, Mr. President: See pictures of world leaders drinking. (Slate)

Road Trip: Check out the best movies for long car rides. (EW)

Going Somewhere? Download one of the 25 best travel apps. (TIME)

In Combat: See some of the best war photos. (LIFE)

Viral Video: For many, Memorial Day represents the start of summer. This dog decided to celebrate by going for a swim, regardless of whether he was actually in the water. (The Daily What)