After 100-Hour Rescue Mission, Dog Freed from Boulder in Australia

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Chris Townsend/Apex NC/GETTY IMAGES

How far would you go to save the life of your pet? It was a question that dog lover Steve Porter faced after his beloved Jack Russell Terrier got trapped under 45 tons of rock 12 feet below.

The four-year-old dog named Jessie chased a feral cat between two boulders during a rabbit-hunting expedition with Porter in the Australian outback. Only able to move his head, the dog managed to survive on tiny pieces of liver fed to him via a wire.

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Meanwhile, Porter embarked on a serious rescue mission costing a hefty $2,100.┬áIn the end, it took a hydraulic ram capable of moving 95 tons of rock and 100 hours of digging to free the terrified pooch. The boulder budged, “millimeter by millimeter,” until Jessie was finally freed and lifted to safety using a dog-catching hoop. When the dog was finally rescued, Jessie jumped into Porter’s arms and gave him a big lick.

NewsFeed wonders what ever happened to that feral cat. (via Gawker)

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