Playboy Bunny Costume Gets High-Fashion Makeover

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Hugh Hefner’s cocktail waitresses are getting a new look, courtesy of Marchesa. (via Vogue UK)

The high-end fashion label, designed by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, remade the iconic Playboy Bunny outfit ahead of the opening of a new club in London on June 4. The new uniform is all black, as opposed to having white collars, cuffs and tails like the original costumes, and is designed with sophisticated lace and beading work, signature elements of Marchesa creations.

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Marchesa’s costume was created as a one-off and won’t be worn regularly in Playboy Clubs, but one lucky person may be able to snap it up when the outfit goes on auction this October, with proceeds going toward breast cancer awareness research. But even if we won’t get to see waitresses wearing the new design, we’re happy to see iconic costume come such a long—and stylish—way.

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