Watch: Adorable Rap Trio Makes It to Vegas on ‘America’s Got Talent’

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One day, they were listening to the wadio and started wapping.

That’s the origin story for the hottest new rap group, the SH’Boss Boys, featuring Young J (age 6), Tobias (age 7) and Little Jeff (age 5). They rap about education, and about how they’re true “G”s — in this case, meaning geniuses. And if they win the $1 million prize, one rapper would want to buy a huge house, let children who don’t have homes live there, and fill the place with toys so they can play all day. Did we mention their tearful moms are supporting them backstage?

They stole the judges’ hearts at the Atlanta auditions, and are on their way to Las Vegas to continue in the competition. But it looks like these little kids will be tough to top. (via Vulture)

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