Battle of the ‘Weiners’: Competing Parody Twitter Accounts Fight For Followers

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It was really only a matter of time.

@AnthonysWiener joined Twitter on Saturday, adding one more head’s thoughts to the hotly-debated controversy resulting from the lewd photo posted to Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account last week. A day later, @AnthonysWeiner debuted under the same premise.

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Evidently, the users behind the accounts couldn’t resist capitalizing on the penis-joke potential of the New York Democrat’s last name. Too easy? Perhaps, but then again, if you take these tweets to heart, so is Congressman Weiner.

Increasing the level of ridiculousness surrounding the scandal with entertaining quips like, “the American Pie Association just sent us a cease and desist,” these tweets will draw laughs from even the most prude followers. In both cases, the use of the #weinergate tag is so liberal that it actually reflects the congressman’s politics. Though @AnthonysWeiner boasts more followers, its rival Wiener still holds his own. Both have tweeted directly at Rep. Weiner himself.

We’ll let you choose which Weiner to follow.

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