Watch: Reporter Rescues Woman from Arkansas Floodwaters

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In Georgetown, Ark., KARK 4 News reporter Adam Rodriguez spotted an SUV drowning in floodwater and jumped into action to rescue the driver. Both the driver and the reporter were pulled on a rope to the shallow waters and were taken to safe grounds in a police car. The footage of the rescue, captured by photographer Casey Moore, was released on YouTube by KARK 4 News.

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The video triggered a mini-debate among viewers on YouTube. One viewer commented, “The reporter just stood there and filmed while the woman drove into a potentially lethal situation. He was looking for a story,” while another wrote, “A reporter (or ANY human being) will prevent a DANGEROUS story from occurring. A human life is more important than a story. Good for him for taking action. Not many people would do that. He doesn’t have control over her; she can do what she wants.”

Affected by the Mississippi River flood in late April, the White River ran over 16 towns in Arkansas. The weeks of flooding in May have ruined hundreds of homes and damaged millions of dollars worth of property in the state. The flood also closed down the 23-mile stretch of the Interstate 40.

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