Welcome to the (Kennel) Club: AKC Recognizes Three New Dog Breeds

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American Kennel Club; Tracy Morgan

Meet the pups: The American English Coonhound, Finnish Lapphund and Cesky Terrier

No word yet on the newbies’ initiation, but NewsFeed welcomes these canines with open arms.

The American Kennel Club announced Wednesday that it is expanding its litter of recognized breeds by three — bringing the registry’s total to 173 breeds in the U.S.

The American English Coonhound, Finnish Lapphund and Cesky Terrier are all getting the AKC paw-print of approval, which means that you’ll start seeing these types of dogs at the more than 20,000 shows and events that are held around the world.

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So what can you expect from the new pups on the block?

The American English Coonhound belongs to the Hound group — if the term “Coonhound” wasn’t a straight giveaway — and is known for its speed and loud bark. These dogs were originally bred as hunters in the American colonies, but nowadays, they are affectionate companions who are happiest when they’re active.

The Finnish Lapphund is a herding dog that originated north of the Arctic Circle, where it worked and lived outside. Its fluffy, thick coat reflects those roots by allowing it to withstand extremely cold temperatures, while its friendly face reminds us of a huggable teddy bear.

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The Cesky Terrier is the national breed of the Czech Republic, and has a soft, silky coat and short, muscular frame. Originally a pack hunter in the forests of Bohemia, the Cesky is known to hunt fox, rabbits, ducks, pheasants, and even wild boar — something to keep in mind if you want to add a Cesky to your family.

It’s not so easy to become an AKC-recognized breed — there are currently more than 65 types of dogs on the AKC Foundation Stock Service, which is basically a waiting list for breeds that are seeking a spot in the registry — so congrats to these pups for making the cut. We hope to see you with one of these awesome hairstyles at the next dog show.

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