Is Tonje Langetieg the Norwegian Rebecca Black?

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Her song is titled “I Don’t Wanna be a Crappy Housewife.” She dresses like Ke$ha. Could this song overtake “Friday” as the most-disliked song on YouTube?

Vocals? Nope. Fashion? Not so much. So what does Tonje Langetieg have going for her? It seems like a career in music isn’t down her alley, but perhaps if it keeps her from, as she croons, being a “crappy housewife,” all the trouble is worth it. But be warned, Ms. Langetieg, the Internet is a cruel place.

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Her song has already garnered thousands of dislikes on YouTube and numerous comparisons to Rebecca Black – one even noting that Black’s track was “100 times better.” And the parallels are striking: the inane lyrics, a lack of singing ability, and even a haphazard rap appear in both music videos. Though fortunately Tonje’s already an adult – meaning that she should be able to handle the wrath of Internet commenters. Hopefully. After all, Tonje opens the track by describing herself as a “little pretty girl, trapped inside a grown-up’s body.”

NewsFeed is still a bit dubious about the legitimacy of this one. After all, anyone with a camera and some minor Auto-Tune ability can cut a track these days. But Langetieg’s agency “Stalker Management” is heavily promoting their new client on their website. And this video has blown up too much to quiet anytime soon.

Frankly, this song sounds like a plea to us. By releasing a music video, she may have parted with the monotony of being a crappy housewife. But it would appear she’s entered the era of being a crappy recording artist instead. Or maybe there’s a starring role on Real Housewives of Oslo in her future.

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