Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Album Banned in Lebanon

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The video was deemed “offensive to Christianity”, which is surprising considering we thought it was just offensive to our ears. (Kidding!)

Apparently, Lebanon’s decision to ban Lady Gaga’s second studio album had little to do with the quality of the music, but instead the General Secretary Department found that the lyrical content was offensive. Though it’s a chart-topping album in many countries, with songs like “Born This Way” (considered by many to be a gay anthem) and “Judas” (which features religious references), the album has already received its share of criticism stateside as well.

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And despite name-dropping the country on the title track (“You’re Lebanese!”), thousands of copies of Gaga’s album have been impounded by the country’s authorities. And despite our wisecracks (see above. Still kidding!) and former reservations about Gaga’s latest musical efforts, we’re still bummed for all the Little Monsters in Lebanon. (via NME)