Don’t Text and Watch: Texas Theater Broadcasts Movie Texter’s Angry Voicemail

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Don’t text during a movie, at least in this Texas movie theater. They will kick you out and make your angry voicemail into a PSA for everyone else.

Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse gave a moviegoer the boot after she refused to stop texting during a movie. Distraught and dismayed, the texter left without a refund. She also left the theater a “frustrated” voicemail (expletives included), detailing her opinion. The establishment has a strict no-texting policy, an exemplary rule every movie theater should follow if NewsFeed might say so.

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The theater took her words to heart – and so can any other moviegoer stepping in Austin’s most well-known local theater. They took it so well, that they are screening her voicemail to movie audiences before the opening credits even roll.

But you just can’t really blame the Drafthouse. Aside from giving moviegoers worldwide some vindication, they’re just keeping Austin weird.

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