Is This Four-Year-Old Artist the Next Picasso?

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Mastering abstract expressionism and surrealism is an ambitious project for any aspiring painter. But not for a little 4-year-old Australian girl.  Dubbed the next Picasso, Aelita Andre opened her first art exhibition The Prodigy Of Color at The Agora Gallery in Manhattan on Saturday.

New York art lovers flocked to see Andre’s work this past weekend. Using objects and paint, her unusual paintings even sold four before opening to the public. In addition, five more were sold during the opening. In total, the 24 paintings in the exhibit were on sale for between $4,400 and $10,000 each.

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It’s not just her color composition and texture that impressed buyers and the gallery directors, but it was her consistency as an artist, observed Agora Gallery director Angela Di Bello. “If you look at her paintings, you’ll see that they are balanced. She’s very, very consistent in her work, so she’s already developed a style that is hers.”

As the daughter of two artists, perhaps her raw talent is down to her genes. Either way, both her parents believe her art has a certain innocence to it.

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