Global Poll: Americans Are the Funniest Nationality on Earth

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Ina Fassbender / Reuters

The social network and dating website asked 30,000 people across 15 countries to name the “funniest” – best at making people laugh – and “least funny” nationality.

Americans came out on top as the funniest nationality, Reuters reports, with Spaniards in second and Italians in third. Those poor Germans placed last (a stereotype NewsFeed thinks a bit unfair having laughed a lot during our visit to Deutschland) with the Russians and Turks identified more amusing than them.

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The British, who generally applaud themselves for their wit and sarcasm, did not fare well. They placed just seventh out of 15,  behind the Brazilians, French and Mexicans. It is no consolation that they  ranked fourth in the least funny category, just after the Turks.

“I’m afraid that we don’t find some of the results very funny,” said Badoo’s Director of Marketing Lloyd Price, who is British.

But hopefully the voters knew what they were doing when they voted Germans as least funny. As evidenced by a recent South Park episode, they probably won’t take the insult lightly.

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