Jon Stewart Cuts His Hand While Mocking Weiner’s Press Conference

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Jon Stewart came clean last night about his involvement with Weinergate.

Stewart opened yesterday’s The Daily Show by holding a mock press conference, apologizing for being too soft on Anthony Weiner. Among not cracking enough jokes, Stewart also referenced his longtime friendship with the congressman. The two have known each other since college, and Weiner was once a roommate of Stewart’s at a summer house. Did some of the friendship even perhaps “sadly [take] place after” Weiner’s marriage?

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Stewart continued, going on to declare his “resignation” as The Daily Show host, making light of the fact that Weiner has said that he will not step down from his post. The New York representative has come under fire for accidentally tweeting pictures of inappropriate photos to extramarital online liaisons.

Perhaps the skit went just a little too far: Stewart then whipped out a blender and margarita glass and proceeded to concoct a drink during the mock conference. Amid the hijinks, he injured himself, bloodying his hand, displaying it the audience openly. Anyone in the mood for a Bloody Mary?

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