Dynamic Duo: Rebbeca Black and Katy Perry Get Down ‘Last Friday Night’ in New Music Video

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Just when we thought she had disappeared into the annals of YouTube, Rebecca Black re-entered our lives. Katy Perry’s upcoming music video, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” features none other than the queen of Friday herself. 

A teaser for the video, posted Wednesday to Perry’s Facebook page, announces that “the party of the summer” will debut on June 14. Starring in the video is “Kathy Beth Perry,” the pop singer’s nerdy doppelganger, who seems to be stuck in 1995.

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Pause the teaser at 16 seconds in to notice a cameo appearance by Rebecca Black, a lyricist who realized the poetic potential of the word “Friday.” Sitting center-screen in an orange shirt, she certainly seems to be thinking, “TGIF.” It only rolls around once every seven days, why not honor it?

This isn’t the first time the songstresses have crossed paths: Perry has tributed (or perhaps mocked) Black in the past by performing the original song live in concert. Fun, fun, fun, fun.

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