Playing It Safe: Lawmakers Are Tweeting Less After Weiner’s Scandal

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Reuters / Brendan McDermid

In the aftermath of Rep. Anthony Weiner getting caught for sending lewd images of himself through Twitter, Congressmen have been tweeting less, reports The Hill.

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It’s impossible to say whether the drop in tweeting by lawmakers is attributable to Weiner’s problems, as last week did include the Memorial Day holiday. But the numbers are significant; politicians tweeted about 28% less the week of May 30 to June 3 than the previous week, according to a study by TweetCongress.

The day Weiner held his press conference — when he took responsibility for sending out lewd tweets — there was a decline in tweets by Democratic lawmakers. On Monday, June 6, there were only 120 tweets from Democrats. That’s about 30% less than the frequency of tweets two Mondays before. On the Republican side, 338 tweets were sent the Monday of Weiner’s presser, about an 18% drop from two weeks before.

Will Weiner’s case scare politicians forever? We at newsfeed hope they revive their tweeting…for appropriate purposes of course.

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