The Bachelorette’s Bad Boy, Bentley Williams, Actually Has a Fan Club

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via ABC

Bentley and Ashley on The Bachelorette

We, like most of America, are disgusted by Bentley’s behavior on The Bachelorette. However, it looks like not everyone feels the same way.

As Ashley appears on the cover of this week’s People over Bentley’s betrayal, the bad boy gets a fan club of his own. After Monday night’s grueling episode, where contestant Bentley Williams consistently made cruel and obnoxious remarks about the Bachelorette behind her back (“I’d rather be swimming in pee than plan a wedding with Ashley” is a choice example), Ashley has responded. Telling People how hurt she was over Bentley’s comments she added, “I could never imagine any of the other guys treating me the way Bentley did.”

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We personally wish she had added a few pot shots of her own but then again, Ashley’s a classy gal.

Yet not everyone thinks that Bentley is the sociopath he clearly appears to be. The website Bentley Williams Apologists is dedicated to fans of one of the most monotone villains we’ve ever seen on a reality show.

According to the site’s About page:

“This page is dedicated to Bentley Williams, a contestant on this season’s The Bachelorette. We can’t help it, we’re Bentley fans. The guy’s got swagger, the guy’s got looks. Plus, we dig his brutal honesty. We don’t think it’s right that a contestant as awesome as Bentley is getting villainized. So we, the Bentley Williams Apologists have set up this platform to celebrate the man and defend his words and actions, however they may come across. We invite you to join us.”

Hmmm. We don’t think we’ll be accepting that invitation, but thanks anyway.

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